GC Meeting Agenda

28 November 2019

1 pm (CET – Geneva time)

1.0   Session Opening & declaration of conflict of interest (L. Rispel)

2.0   Adoption of the Agenda – topics for voting with * (L. Rispel)

3.0   Approval Minutes September 3 GC * (L. Rispel)

4.0   Matters arising from previous Minutes (L. Rispel)

5.0   Finance committee meeting feedback (L. Rispel & W. Ricciardi)

5.1  What are the matters arising

          5.2  Currency Change Proposal *

          5.3  Unpaid member fees

6.0  Vaccination taskforce (M. Lomazzi & W. Ricciardi)  

7.0  Nomination committee report * (M. Moore)

7.1   Request by CPMA

7.2   Request by PHANZ

             7.3   Executive Director Term

8.0  2022 Bids selection committee report * (M. Lomazzi & M. Giessler)

9.0   Conference reports

9.1   EPH Conference (B. Borisch, W. Ricciardi, M. Moore, M. Lomazzi)

9.2   APHA & AASPA meetings (H. Nieto)

10.0   WCPH Rome2020 update (W. Ricciardi)

11.0  Working groups (M. Lomazzi)

11.1  OHWG webinars

12.0  Members (M. Lomazzi)

12.1  New mutual partnership proposal *

12.1.1     World Farmers Organisation In-depth analysis

          12.1.2     World Veterinary Association

12.3    New regionalization of members *

13.0   G suite migration proposal * (S. Buttigieg)

14.0   Review of Travel Expense Policies(M. Moore) 

          14.1    Review Travel Expenses and Claims

          14.2    Expense Procedures        

          14.3    Claim Form

15.0   AOB

For information

  • Speak up: WFPHA has signed the Letter to the Delegates of the United Nations General Assembly: Reject Tobacco Industry Partnerships
  • New articles:
    • Revenue allocation from SSB taxes: Making the case for oral health promotion by G. Bridge, M. Lomazzi, and R. Bedi has been accepted for publication by International Dental Journal
    • A cross country exploratory study to investigate the labelling, energy, carbohydrate and sugar content of formula milk products marketed for infants by G. Bridge, M. Lomazzi, and R. Bedi has been accepted for publication by BDJ
  • The Environmental Health WG is performing an Assessment of National Barriers to Climate Change Adaptation for Public Health and preparing a Call to Ban Coal for Electricity Production


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